The Best Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

The Best Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

March 15 2017

If you're a small business owner who's DIY-ing your bookkeeping, you can use all the help you can get. Apps can be your lifesaver, not only saving you valuable time and money, but also enabling you to run your business from the palm of your hand, giving you 24/7 access to your vital stats from anywhere in the world. Even if you have a bookkeeper, you'll want to consider giving these apps a try. They'll help streamline your bookkeeping system while saving you wages. Here are our choices for apps that will make your business accounting a bit easier.

Accounting Software

We recommend one of two options here: Xero and Quickbooks Online. While most businesses could use either, some companies are better off using one over the other. If you're unsure which to use, find an accounting professional who holds certifications in both so they can point you in the right direction.

Expense Tracking & Bills

You know that messy stack of receipts you have to go through every week? Receipt Bank's app will get rid of that. Here's how it works: take a photo of your receipt and throw it away. Receipt Bank will code the receipt and match it to your bank feeds. It's that simple. You'll also receive a dedicated email that syncs with your account, so any emailed receipts from Uber, airlines or online purchases are automatically published to your accounting software. It'll save you hours of matching each week, and it syncs with both QBO and Xero. 

Time Tracking

Say goodbye to time clocks and punch cards and hello to hours saved in payroll and timekeeping mistakes. TSheets allows for mobile time-tracking for all of your employees, whether they work in the office or on the road. Their kiosk turns any computer, tablet, or phone into a time clock and their GPS feature allows you to see where your employees are at a glance. There's also a scheduling app, and you can export to payroll apps in QBO, Xero, and Gusto. 

Mileage Tracking

One of the most overlooked deductions is mileage. Business owners miss out on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in deductions by failing to track their mileage. And if you do claim it, but you've forgotten to log it, trying to remember trips is a headache. If you're using QBO (and even if you're not), we like TripLog. It's one of the most budget-friendly mileage trackers available, but it doesn't lack in features. It starts tracking the minute you connect to power or Bluetooth, or you begin driving more than five miles per hour. They also have a self-employed version for freelancers, solopreneurs, and ride-sharing drivers.

These apps will make your business bookkeeping a little less stressful, and a lot more organized. If you need help finding the best apps to simplify your business, send us a message. We love helping owners find ways to free up time with their accounting so they can focus on their passion.


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