Success Track for Business

Strategic business planning is critical to create a stable and profitable business. Increase your chance of success by using accurate and easy-to-understand data to inform your decisions.

On every occasion that we have been to your offices all of the staff has been professional and courteous. Not only have you helped with our current tax issues but are always forward thinking to assist with issues that will be coming in the future. I am recommending all of my clients to Michael Anderson & Company, Inc.

– L.W. - Santa Rosa Health Insurance Broker.

Do you too often rely on your “gut feeling” to make important business decisions? Would you prefer to prevent problems instead of spending time putting out fires? Our aim is to help you maximize your business potential with strategic business planning.

Thirty years of guiding businesses has given us a solid understanding of the issues they face. Our Success Track program has been developed from our experience and expertise to meet the needs of businesses owners. We know the pitfalls that cause failure and the actions that foster success.

Our Success Track clients:

  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of their companies very well.
  • know how they are performing relative to their industry competitors.
  • feel like they control their business instead of the business controlling them.
  • can make timely business decisions based on performance data.
  • avoid surprises with proactive business planning
  • enjoy greater peace of mind with systems in place and plans of action

Business owners are pulled in many directions and need guidance on where they should focus attention. Our CPA, Michael Anderson, has decades of experience and a high level of expertise to steer business owners in the right direction. Don’t risk your business by failing to plan or by making uninformed decisions.

The Success Track program starts with a business evaluation, including financial analysis and benchmarking. Your numbers tell a story, and we can help you understand it. This discovery process deepens your understanding of your business, uncovering strengths and weaknesses. We get you going the right direction with the correct focus.

Regular meetings with our CPA, typically quarterly, then ensure that you stay on track to progress toward your goals. You leave each meeting with us with your questions answered and the knowledge of what steps to take next. 

For those of you whose business is closely tied to your personal finances, we can help you make informed decisions to benefit you both personally and professionally. We are a full-service accounting firm with both business and personal services.

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