IRS/FTB Examinations and Resolutions

Are you seeking support for an audit or other tax related issue?

You are on the right track by seeking help with your tax situation. Similar to health challenges, tax problems get worse when ignored. What could be fixed simply can become much more complicated. The sooner you receive help to resolve your IRS/FTB issues, the sooner you can resume your regular life.

While IRS/FTB examinations can be stressful, they are much more manageable when you know you have tax experts on your side. From our many years of experience, we know how to ensure our clients are properly represented before federal and state tax agencies. We understand what is important to the auditing agencies and what options taxpayers have.

We prepare clients for examinations, both those conducted by mail and those that require in-person interviews and reviews of taxpayer records. Our accountants can represent clients in front of the IRS/FTB if desired. Our aim is to help you obtain a fair resolution as efficiently as possible so you can put the situation behind you.

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