Tax Planning

Proactive tax planning is a priority and strength of our firm. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to taxes. And why give away money that you could keep?

Taking the time to do tax planning often results in significant tax savings and/or smarter steps toward your goals. For example, we can explain tax-friendly ways to save for your children's education or how to reduce taxes on your capital gains.

By tax planning with us, our knowledgeable team can:

  • Answer Your Questions Year Round - Our clients look to us for advice year round. For example, don’t wait until the year has ended to talk about your income taxes - let’s talk in the Fall to discuss deferring or accelerating income or deductions. For both income and estate taxes, we can assess current and future tax liabilities and can help you make wise decisions to minimize taxes.
  • Help You Make Informed Decisions - If you are considering making a purchase to take advantage of a tax credit, for example, we advise you prior to purchase so you follow the required steps to qualify for that credit. If you are considering selling or exchanging an asset, we explain tax implications and possible alternatives. We support you to make the best decisions to reach your goals.
  • Save You Time - Even if you have the skill to work through a complicated tax situation, is it worth your time? Our expertise and experience allows us to quickly accomplish tasks that may take you hours. We keep up to date on the changing tax law landscape at federal, state, and local levels.
  • Save You Stress - Some people find preparing their taxes to be worrisome or frustrating. With more than 800 forms and schedules used to report taxes, this is understandable. We are here to make the process as smooth as possible and correctly handle all the details for you.
  • Save You Money - The value of tax savings suggestions we can make usually far exceeds the costs of consulting. Following one of our tax recommendations could in fact save you many thousands of dollars in taxes on a transaction and/or help you preserve your wealth.

Contact us to discuss our proactive tax planning services.

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